Cheekbone implant

Everyone recognises a beautiful face when one sees it. Very few of us however know exactly what counts for such attractiveness! High cheekbones are a particularly important aesthetic feature of this subconscious impression. Beautiful, high and defined cheekbones give a face a charming expression with a hint of sex appeal.


Attractiveness by high cheekbones (zygomatic bones)

A cheekbone onlay allows enhancement of cheeks which are sunken or receded. Faces with a flat midface structure and rather elongated shape can be made considerable more attractive by enhancing the cheekbone.

Treatment takes place via the oral cavity, preventing outwardly visible scars

Onlay materials such as lyophilised cartilage or other biological materials emphasise the cheekbones. The size and position of the zygomatic (cheekbone) onlay is determined in consultation with each patient. Every region of the zygomatic complex is carefully assessed, i.e. the anterior upper jaw/zygomatic region in the area of the sulcus infraorbitalis, the zygomatic body itself and the zygomatic arch. This differentiation is important and is often not considered.

Permanent result

As treatment takes place via the oral cavity there are no outwardly visible scars. The treatment is performed under general anaesthetic and is painless. Postoperatively there is merely a little swelling which usually occurs. The patient can subsequently return home. A long lasting result is achieved.

Patient report 2016

Experience report by Maliqi Kushtrin, Switzerland

Since the age of 16, I have been unhappy with the asymmetry of my face, more precisely with the difference between my cheeks and upper cheekbones, and I began to look for a specialist on the Internet.