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Reverse facelift

As we get older, our skin becomes less elastic and the muscles underneath slacken. Exposure to the sun becomes clearly visible. Our faces become less well defined. Measures such as subcutaneous injections and microdermabrasion have little effect in cases of advanced skin ageing. In the “reverse facelift” Professor Sailer has developed a revolutionary method to rejuvenate an aging face.

The utmost of Plastic Surgery: A long-term facelift result without visual scars and with a natural effect.

Conventional facelifts (rhytidectomy) primarily treat the skin alone. The result is a taut appearance Simply pulling the skin up and back is not a good, long-term solution for facial rejuvenation, because the results don’t last very long and naturalness is lost.

Reverse facelifting. The facial surgery which creates a significant increase in attractiveness

In the method developed by Professor Sailer, not only the skin or underlying tissue layers are tightened but also the entire facial structure is taken into account. This unique operation method changes the approach to rejuvenating an aging face completely because it enables a long-lasting natural looking result without outwardly visible scars. This technique for repositioning the tissue and volume structures requires a high degree of skill and knowledge of facial bone structure.

Professor Sailer, a specialist in the craniofacial area, was the first surgeon to use this method extensively for facelifts, due to his outstanding understanding of facial morphology and its proportions. If the deep structures of the face are brought into the natural position of the ante-face, a facelift shows rejuvenation effects for considerably longer, creating a significant increase in attractiveness. 

Planning a facelift operation

Each patient receives a consultation with our experienced team free of charge. Individual aesthetic wishes are discussed and the procedures and results of different surgical methods are explained. Our patients are able to see before/after photos of former patients, with the permission of these patients, and compare them with their own ideas. It is important, above all, that patients communicate their aesthetic wishes as precisely as possible at this stage.

A precise overall and facial planning is always the first step. This examination and the surgical planning incur a charge. Based on true-to-scale x-rays, Professor Sailer analyses the face and facial structures and discusses a patient’s wishes and their feasibility in detail.

Using a teleradiograph (cephalogram), Professor Sailer simulates the treatment procedure. This simulation gives the patient a closer insight into the procedure as well as a possible idea of the postoperative appearance.

The facelift surgery is painless.

The treatment is performed under general anaesthetic and is painless. After about 3 to 4 days in hospital, patients can move to a nearby hotel for ca. 6 days, where they continue to receive medical attention once a day.

If you would like further information, we would be delighted to offer you an initial free-of-charge telephone consultation.

Illustration of the cheek bone augmentation using lyophilised cartilage.
The material from lyophilised cartilage ossifies over time and transforms into the body’s own bone. The material is embedded under the periosteum without the need for screws. This procedure achieves a permanent and natural effect

Illustration of a jaw angle using an implant for better contouring of the chin-neck line. This procedure is especially recommended for sagging cheeks, double chin.
Combined with a chin-correction , this procedure replaces the conventional facelift without limiting the facial expressions and provides a lifelong rejuvenating, aesthetic and natural appearance.
The material is made of Medpor. On request, it can also be made from individually manufactured PEEK implants.
The material is body-compatible, well tolerated and has been used in medicine as a substitute material for decades.

Illustration of the chin-correction surgery without an implant.
We recommend having this procedure done using your own chin bone as it will result in a permanent, natural look. There are no external scars as the procedure is carried out in the oral cavity.
(The Professor Sailer Clinic does not recommend a chin augmentation with an implant because of possible bone resorption and foreign body sensation)

This measure represents a new dimension in cosmetic surgery. There are no external cuts or scars, no limitation of facial expressions. It gives a permanent natural effect and is an alternative to conventional facelift procedures.



Facial contourings with cheekbone augmention, chin augmentaion and rhinoplasty

Patient writes report one year after his facial surgery 2022

"I visited 9 different surgeons before I chose Professor Sailer and his team at the Sailer Klinik, and I could not be happier! I am beyond thrilled with my results. I had some rather challenging requests and Prof. Sailer and his team delivered on all of them! My results are incredible. I truly couldn’t be happier. Everything from the initial interview, to the facial planning, to the surgical procedure and recovery were top-notch. I felt like (and still feel like) I am a part of their family. He worked on several areas of my face, and each augmentation resulted in a super-model level result. I highly recommend Prof. Sailer and his clinic to anyone considering an unparalleled aesthetic result.

Patient AGC"




Patient report April 2016


After a long ordeal, a number of cosmetic procedures which never satisfied me, always hiding as soon as someone tried to take a picture of me from the side – a variety of obstacles which lay in my path throughout the course of my life because of my jaw malposition – I decided around the middle of December 2015 to attend an advice session with Professor Hermann Sailer.



Patient report from September2015

Petra S. Munich Germany

What motivated you to have cosmetic surgery?

It was a long story of suffering which began with my first braces treatment and was not completed even after further orthodontic treatment. My overbite, which had existed since childhood and was incorrectly treated, meant that my jaw growth was not facilitated and the jaw became permanently misaligned – creating both medical and aesthetic problems.

Patient report from Oktober 2015

Mrs. A.Be. from New York

I am living in NewYork.

My story begins 2000, when I wanted to have a facial aesthetic treatment.