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Bridges and crowns with ceramic material

Aesthetic perfection and excellent functionality

The all-ceramic denture fits perfectly on the real teeth in visual terms, giving a natural appearance. Ceramic is also a particularly gingiva and mucosa-tolerated and body-friendly material. It is very durable, thereby offering a long-term and comfortable denture.


Dentures in the form of a partial or total prosthesis are suitable when one or both jaws are partially or completely toothless.

A dental prosthesis is a removable denture. It allows the patient to chew and speak normally again. It also gives the patient an optically satisfactory set of teeth once again.

Removable dentures such as complete prostheses are made from body-friendly metal alloys and high performance plastics. Implants are used as additional columns to add stability, permitting an increased stabilisation of the rehabilitated chewing system.