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Cleft lip and palate

It is Professor Sailer’s vision to use surgery on patients with congenital anomalies, not only to make them look normal, but to make them particularly attractive people.

The best results for growth and speech

The Klinik Professor Sailer carries out treatment of primary cleft lip and palate according to the Zürich Protocol which has been developed over many decades and is proven to give the best results in terms of growth and speech.

Patients from all over the world with different growth disorders

In the case of secondary cleft lip and palate surgery, i.e. surgery for adult patients, we treat patients from all over the world with different growth disorders of the upper and lower jaw which usually requires highly individualised treatment concepts. Thanks to many decades of experience in this field in our previous centre at the University of Zurich and in our cleft centres in India, where over 45,000 cleft patients have been treated by us and colleagues trained by us, we have the necessary treatment expertise concerning aesthetics and speech.