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Cheekbone implant

Everyone recognises a beautiful face when one sees it. Very few of us however know exactly what counts for such attractiveness! High cheekbones are a particularly important aesthetic feature of this subconscious impression. Beautiful, high and defined cheekbones give a face a charming expression with a hint of sex appeal.

Attractiveness by high cheekbones (zygomatic bones)

A cheekbone onlay allows enhancement of cheeks which are sunken or receded. Faces with a flat midface structure and rather elongated shape can be made considerable more attractive by enhancing the cheekbone.

Treatment takes place via the oral cavity, preventing outwardly visible scars

Onlay materials such as lyophilised cartilage or other biological materials emphasise the cheekbones. The size and position of the zygomatic (cheekbone) onlay is determined in consultation with each patient. Every region of the zygomatic complex is carefully assessed, i.e. the anterior upper jaw/zygomatic region in the area of the sulcus infraorbitalis, the zygomatic body itself and the zygomatic arch. This differentiation is important and is often not considered.

Permanent result

As treatment takes place via the oral cavity there are no outwardly visible scars. The treatment is performed under general anaesthetic and is painless. Postoperatively there is merely a little swelling which usually occurs. The patient can subsequently return home. A long lasting result is achieved.


Illustration of the cheek bone augmentation using lyophilised cartilage.
The material from lyophilised cartilage ossifies over time and transforms into the body’s own bone. The material is embedded under the periosteum without the need for screws. This procedure achieves a permanent and natural effect



Facial contourings with chin augmentation, rhinoplasy and cheekbone augmentaion

Patient from Switzerland writes report after facial surgery after 1 year 2022

"I visited 9 different surgeons before I chose Professor Sailer and his team at the Sailer Klinik, and I could not be happier! I am beyond thrilled with my results. I had some rather challenging requests and Prof. Sailer and his team delivered on all of them! My results are incredible. I truly couldn’t be happier. Everything from the initial interview, to the facial planning, to the surgical procedure and recovery were top-notch. I felt like (and still feel like) I am a part of their family. He worked on several areas of my face, and each augmentation resulted in a super-model level result. I highly recommend Prof. Sailer and his clinic to anyone considering an unparalleled aesthetic result.

Patient AGC"




Patient talks about her facial surgery in October 2020

see photos of this patient above

My ordeal involving my congenital mandibular retrognathia began in early childhood. As a young adult, I decided to visit several doctors to explore potential therapy options. At that time, my doctors (oral and maxillo-facial surgeons as well as ENT doctors) advised me to undergo complex surgery with diverse side effects, in which two operations would be performed – a procedure whereby my jaw would have to be broken and reconstructed. I was still a medical student at the time. Merely the thought of a complex operation led me to suppress a potential solution to my suffering.

Many years later, I decided to resume my quest to find an expert in this field – with the aim of no longer simply tolerating but actually overcoming my suffering. Now using other criteria as a qualified doctor in my search for an expert, I finally found Prof. Sailer. After studying his curriculum vitae, publications and medical career, I immediately realised as a doctor that I had found not only an expert but also a luminary in this field.

My impression of Prof. Sailer was not only confirmed during my first consultation. I discovered a man whose humanity and understanding for his patients outshone his expertise. As a fellow doctor, this impression was something new and totally refreshing for me...

Patient report February 2018

Mrs. Pia K. Germany

I had my operation with Professor Sailer in October 2017. I learnt about the clinic several years ago. However, the procedure was not yet possible for me at that time. 

After having an operation carried out on my lower jaw in Germany, which did not solve my actual problem, I decided that I would only have a second procedure carried out by a specialist. After a change of job, my dream once again seemed to be within reach and I arranged a consulting appointment. At the appointment I met Dr. Sailer and Professor Sailer and already on the flight back home I was sure that I would have the procedure carried out there. Following a second appointment, at which everything was precisely discussed and planned, I was lucky enough to be assigned an operation date a few weeks later. 

It was a major procedure, but believe it or not, I was never in pain for a single moment. Three months have gone by now and everything has healed well and the swelling has subsided. After years of being dissatisfied, my new appearance is a source of delight every day. Having the procedure carried out was one of the best decisions of my life and I can wholeheartedly recommend the professor, his clinic and the whole team. Rest assured you are in good hands there, both in terms of care and technical competence. 

Patient report: cheekone augmentation, chin correktion and jawline

Mr. O. K. from Israel writes in June 2017

Mr. O. can also be contacted by phone to tell you his experience. For privacy reasons, please contact us in advance on +41 43 268 30 78.

I found a clinic and Dr. in Europe, who deals with facial implants, in addition to others body aesthetic surgeries. I decided to have the surgery there. The Dr. used jaw silicone implants, which look terrible on my face. The result became asymmetry, as the silicone implants moved, the size, shape and the location was not as I wanted, my chin became even longer with the implant, and the total look had no harmony at all. I was very disappointed.I thought to myself, may be my case is too complicated.

I felt that it's a must to correct the result, and remove the implants I had, because deeply inside I knew that my wish can come true. My brain told me to give up. My heart insisted to keep on looking for a surgeon. One day I found on a forum Pro. Sailer's website. I had a doubt "ohh another website where I'm about to find a minor facial structure transformation". I clicked on the gallery and I was in shock and amazed by the results. "WOW, this is what I want and need, a surgeon who is an expert with facial structure, with jawline, someone who has so much experience and not afraid to make a big transformations". 


Patient report 2019

Mrs. S.P.

After an unsuccessful surgery I consulted many doctors in Germany in search of help.

After a lot of time searching the Internet, I learned about Prof. Sailer in Zürich 

I contacted his very sympathetic and friendly wife, Frau Dr. Sailer, and Frau Oppenberger, who was also very helpful. I travelled to Zürich with my mum.

Prof. Sailer was the most caring and considerate doctor I have ever met.

Regarding my difficult situation, he put a lot of thought into how he could help me.

Prof. Sailer is trying to root out the exact cause of the problem.

Here at his clinic you’re not just parked in a corner.

From the very first moment I felt well looked-after in Prof. Sailer’s clinic and I have complete trust in him.

They also looked after my mum very well here.

They even rang me up after I got home to find out how I was doing.

A doctor had never done that for me before.

The entire team that we talked to at the clinic was more than helpful, and very kind too.

That’s why we want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you and until next time.”

warm regards


Patient report 2016

Experience report by Maliqi Kushtrin, Switzerland

Since the age of 16, I have been unhappy with the asymmetry of my face, more precisely with the difference between my cheeks and upper cheekbones, and I began to look for a specialist on the Internet.