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There are many different reasons that an infection may occur in the regions of the mouth, jaw and face. Most infections are linked to the teeth.

Useful information

Patients don’t always notice an infection around the tooth root or in the area of the periodontium (due to tooth decay or parodontitis) immediately, meaning that pathogens have a good opportunity to spread into the tissue (soft tissue or bones) and later, throughout the entire body. After an accident, a tooth removal or for other reasons, pathogens can also penetrate into the surrounding tissue or into the body via the bloodstream.

There are fundamental differences between:

  • local infections in the soft tissue (abscesses etc.)
  • infections in the bone region (ostitis, osteomyelitis)
  • infections which have spread elsewhere in the body

To ensure precise analysis, a careful clinical examination is necessary, usually as well as additional measures, such as imaging and taking blood or tissue samples or a smear. Possible risk factors such as a weak immune system or medicines which raise the risk of an infection (bone resorption inhibitors, antibodies, chemotherapeutic drugs) must be surveyed and the extend and the localisation must be calculated with precision.

Depending on the type of infection and its causes, an infection may be surgically cleaned, usually with accompanying medication. When treating an infection it is extremely important to search for the cause and treat this as well.