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Top-class medicine in the heart of Zurich

Thanks to its high level of specialist expertise, the Klinik Professor Sailer is well-known worldwide as a renowned centre of competence for cosmetic maxillofacial surgery, jaw and oral surgery as well as reconstructive tumour and disfigurement surgery. At its premises on the Zürichberg, Zurich’s “local mountain”, patients can benefit from medical excellence and a friendly atmosphere.


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Klinik Professor Sailer

Professor Dr. Hermann F. Sailer is the founder and chief physician of the clinic bearing his name. He is one of the world’s most experienced experts in the field of maxillofacial surgery, successfully performing thousands of complicated operations in over thirty years at Zurich University Hospital and at his own clinic.

Successful treatment of the causes of sleep apnoea

A further specialist field is treatment of the causes of sleep apnoea and the snoring connected with it. Using a special operation technique, this life-threatening condition can be eliminated – the sleep apnoea is cured immediately and life long. If desired, with the pleasant secondary benefit of an aesthetic optimisation of the facial contours.

New innovative treatment methods

During his many years in top positions at the dental institute of the University of Zurich, Professor Sailer also gained much experience in implantology and dental aesthetics, and developed new innovative treatment methods.