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Bad breath can cause social isolation

A healthy mouth doesn’t only mean being pain-free when chewing and speaking, and having a lovely smile; it also means having fresh breath.

Useful information

Our breath is influenced not only by oral hygiene, but also by emotional stress, psychological strain and the food we eat.

The assumption that bad breath is primarily due to stomach problems, is false: 90% of the causes can be found in the mouth cavities of those affected. Only a small proportion of the causes are due to the stomach itself.

The terms halitosis, mouth odour and foetor ex ore are also used to describe bad breath.

Holistic dentistry

The Klinik Professor Sailer is your contact partner both for the diagnosis and treatment of bad breath as well as nutritional advice and preventative healthcare through the use of high dose vitamin C. and other measures.

Following the principles of holistic medicine and dentistry, we would like to bring functional diagnostics and treatment with the DIR system to your attention.