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Facial feminisation

People whose phenotypic (visible) gender does not correspond to their own inner sensibility, otherwise known as transgender people, need a good, experienced and interdisciplinary team of specialists to adjust their external appearance and accompany them along the path of their coming out.

The face as a mirror of our feelings

The face is a mirror of our feelings and, as a non-verbal means of communication, a very important and sensitive organ. The minimally invasive and surgical adjustment of the facial phenotype to the actual gender of the patient is referred to as facial feminisation or facial masculinization surgery respectively.

Various factors in the face give a person an appearance that is typically male or female. A person’s very individual sense of beauty is also a factor. 

Typical facial regions which are treated within the context of an operation like this are:

  • the forehead (forehead contouring, shaping, reduction) 
  • the eyebrow region (men and women have a different eyebrow shape) 
  • the nose 
  • the jaw contours and/or the facial profile and chin 
  • the lips (volume, width, colour) 
  • the cheek region (prominence, width, shape) 
  • the Adam’s apple and/or throat region

Changes can be brought about in these regions using a variety of techniques for small or larger surgical procedures.  To achieve a good, natural result, comprehensive and careful planning is necessary. During discussions and by means of examinations, an individual treatment plan can be created for every patient, in order to achieve a balance between inner sensibility and external appearance. 

In order to serve you as comprehensively as possible we have, in addition to our surgeons, an experienced team to advise you and accompany you with regard to hair, cosmetics and appearance. 

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