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Surgical dentistry

Surgical dentistry (oral surgery) in the Klinik Professor Sailer includes the removal of teeth, root treatments and the removal of cysts.

Wisdom teeth

The operative removal of wisdom teeth is one of the most frequent operations in dental-alveolar surgery. In most people, the wisdom teeth erupt in adulthood or not at all. It is advisable to remove them.

Tip: In the Atlas of Oral Surgery, Professor Sailer and Dr. Pajarola have described all oral surgical procedures step-by-step (Thieme publishing company).

Illustration of the operation technique when removing a partially emerged wisdom tooth.

The demonstration video is only for illustrative purposes.

Root treatment

A root treatment is necessary if the dental pulp has become infected or has already died. Connective tissue which is well supplied with blood and nerves forms the central components of the pulp. Cleaning the root canal system followed by root filling serves to preserve the tooth on a long-term basis.


Cysts are spherical structures filled with fluid in bones or in soft tissue. The diagnosis of the various types of cysts takes place histologically, i.e. using the outer cyst membrane, known as the cyst sac. Cysts expand slowly, destroying bone and loosening teeth.