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Wide face

Through many years of “body building of the chewing muscles”, the masseter muscles become hugely enlarged. As well as an unattractive widening of the face, this also leads to significant functional disorders. A surgical procedure can provide long-term relief.

The best treatment method

A wide face has strongly developed chewing muscles (masseter and temporalis muscles) with often very painful atypical neuralgia, caused by many years of teeth grinding, comparable to many years of “bodybuilding the chewing muscles”. The massive enlargement of the masseter muscle leads not only to an unattractive widening of the face, but also to functional disorders such as difficulties in opening the mouth, saliva congestion of the parotid gland and migraines. Additionally, a diminished vertical longitudinal growth of the upper jaw with hardly visible teeth can occur.

The procedure is not dangerous and leaves no visible scars

The best treatment method is the surgical removal of the inner muscle sections of the masseter muscle from the mouth cavity. The procedure poses no risk for the facial nerve and leaves no visible scars. In order to break the “vicious circle of grinding”, treatment with a special splint (anti-press mini-splint) is carried out at the same time.

Facial narrowing and lengthening by reduction of the jaw angle width or cheekbones

If the cheekbone region has developed too wide, it can be narrowed using Professor Sailer’s tried and trusted method. Depending on the type of growth, the short face and short chin will be lengthened vertically by setting the upper jaw lower (using what is known as Le Fort I osteotomy). Through this procedure, improved visibility of the upper jaw front teeth when speaking and laughing is achieved. Narrowing the face and, at the same time, making the face longer is a procedure frequently carried out at the Klinik Professor Sailer. Accompanying measures including the reduction of jaw angle width, of the cheekbones and of the cheek fat pads, as well as the masseter reduction procedure.