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“We only have one aim: the best possible safety and satisfaction of our patients.” (Prof. Sailer)


The consultation

From our many years of experience, we recommend that every patient who is considering an aesthetic procedure first has a non-binding and introductory consultation. This detailed initial consultation forms, in most cases, the basis for the ensuing operation planning consultation with the relevant specialist.

Please register for a non-binding consultation. We will be delighted to provide you with an in-depth consultation, in order to ensure optimal treatment. In an initial consultation with (Mrs) Dr h. c. Sailer, you will have the opportunity to receive information about the current options in aesthetic surgery and to discuss your aesthetic wishes.


By the time you have decided to have cosmetic surgery, if not earlier, the search for a trusted doctor will have begun and you will discover that you are spoilt for choice.

  • Who has the clinical experience and scientific background to perform your operation in a technically skilled way?
  • As well as comprehensive training, who has experience of a large number of demanding procedures and also a passion for aesthetics?

A personal planning consultation with the doctor of your choice can give you clarity on this issue. Support your doctor and other specialists actively with your own careful planning:

  • Write down your personal questions before the consultation takes place.
  • Prepare your list in such a way that you can note down the answers there and then during your consultation with the doctor.
  • Make sure that all your questions – even unpleasant ones – are answered. If necessary, ask for further clarification.

The consultation should be comprehensive, without time pressure and individually adjusted to your needs. If you are uncertain, bring a friend, your partner or another person that you trust with you.

Make sure that you receive detailed explanations about anaesthetics or other methods such as slow-wave sleep, analgosedation etc. Find out about the length of any outpatient or inpatient stay, the course of the healing process, the type of aftercare offered and post-operative examinations.

Make sure that you receive a detailed individual treatment plan in all cases. Do not be afraid to demand another consultation if afterwards you are still uncertain about anything.

Ask about the method and the techniques which your doctor will use to treat you, and if these are tested and scientifically approved. Do not be afraid of asking your doctor how many times he has carried out the operation himself – and not through one of his assistant doctors, for example. Ask to see before-after photos of patients he/she has already operated on.

Ask about possible measures to be taken in advance of the operation which could have a positive influence on the end result. These include information regarding nutrition, medication, exercise, avoiding sun-light and special cosmetics. In this connection you can also consult specialists from other complementary fields.

As a patient, tell the doctor as clearly as possible which things bother you personally, as well as why these things bother you in particular. Explain your own expectations regarding the desired result, so that what is medically possible is brought into harmony with your ideas.

Make sure that you are allowed enough time to consider your decision and that the time of the operation is selected to fit in optimally with your personal and occupational situation.

Plan enough recovery time before and after the operation and find out how long you should avoid venturing out in public.

Include the people close to you in your decision to change your physical appearance. Because not only you, but also those around you will be influenced by the result. Pay particular attention to your partner, your children, your friends and your business colleagues.