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Eyelid corrections / brow lift

The eye begins to shrink in appearance as we get older because the eyebrow presses on the upper lid. The increased deposits of fat tissue in the lower lid area form eye bags. The face looks tired and drawn. Professor Sailer therefore developed new techniques to give the entire eye area a naturally radiant expression.

Harmonious rejuvenation of the eye area

The conventional lifting method - upper eyelid surgery to remove excess skin and fat tissue - has the decisive disadvantage of often making the eye appear smaller. This method further shortens the distance from the eyebrow to the upper eyelid. The result is often an unattractive expression caused by sunken, hollow and shaded eyes.

The “eyes-open look” thanks to the innovative brow lift operation technique

Professor Sailer therefore developed a new technique to give the entire eye area a naturally radiant expression. For this purpose, a small incision is made just behind the hairline on the forehead, leaving no visible external scar later on. The sunken eyebrow is slightly raised, which also combats “crow’s feet” at the side of the eye. At the same time, any surplus fat in the upper lid area can be removed without fat reduction: if too much fat is removed, the eye appears smaller. The eye “opens” again, and appears larger and more friendly. This rejuvenates and restores a natural harmony to the entire eye area. 


Before/ after fotos eyelid corrections

Upper- and lower eyelid correction

Upper- and lower eyelid correction

Upper eyelid correction

Upper- and lower eyelid correction

Upper eyelid correction

Upper- and lower eyelid correction

Lower and upper lid blepharoplasty for a radiant appearance

In addition to elderly patients with sagging skin tissue, young sufferers also often decide to have surgery to correct the lower eyelids or bags under the eyes. In Professor Sailer’s clinic, lower eyelid surgery is performed through a small precision incision in the interior mucosal area of the lower lid (transconjunctival approach), which is not visible from the outside, allowing direct access to the bags under the eyes. This is a routine operation at Professor Sailer’s clinic, which is risk-free for the eyes and leaves no visible scars. The conventional method using external incisions can lead to inverted eyelids (ectropion).

If there is still a lot of excess skin in the area of the eyelids, upper lid blepharoplasty can be carried out at the same time. This enhancement is a simple surgical procedure that can even be performed under local anaesthesia. The incision is placed in the upper eyelid crease such that when the eye is opened even the fresh scar can hardly be seen, and after healing it is almost completely invisible.

Accurate analysis before surgical enhancement

An accurate analysis of the situation is extremely important before any surgical enhancement. Eyelid surgery is not the best way for every patient to freshen up the appearance around their eyes. Lifting of the eyebrows is often recommended in order to achieve a natural, more youthful appearance.