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Aesthetic dentistry - Smile design

Beautiful, well-formed teeth are an unmistakeable sign of health and vitality. The Klinik Professor Sailer offers various treatments for improving the aesthetics of your teeth.

Digital Smile Design

For functional and aesthetic analysis, modern concepts such as Digital Smile Design are used to be able to visualise the future result prior to the treatment.


Veneers are ultra-thin, light permeable porcelain caps which are used in modern dentistry to correct the aesthetic shape and colour of front and premolar teeth.


Inlays, onlays and partial crowns

Medium scale tooth damage can be corrected nearly invisible with ceramic inlays, ceramic onlays and ceramic partial crowns. Ceramic repairs are fixed to the tooth with adhesive, stabilising it.

Gum corrections

In an aesthetic gum correction, the gums are corrected using minimally invasive laser treatment.

Power bleaching

Bleaching is a very delicate and extremely effective technique for lightening the teeth. It can be performed in several treatment sessions at home (home bleaching) or during one session in the hospital (in-office bleaching).